All our grapes come from organically farmed vineyards and are hand-picked. The juice becomes wine just by itself, we don’t need and use any additives. In 2023 we started introducing a new label design so for the foreseeable future it’s going to be colorful mix in our portfolio.
The new labels (introduced 2023) all show a linocut of a wild animal of our country. The blends’ labels are colored, the single vineyard labels are black and white with a colored wax seal on top.
  • Weinschwärmer

  • Heimat

  • Siebenschläfer

  • Black Betty

  • Wilde Meute

  • Fledermaus

  • Vater & Sohn

  • Von Hexen & Feen + X

  • Von Hexen & Feen

  • Fledermaus Weiss

  • Bat-Nat

  • Kleine Heimat

  • Drei Freunde

  • Wilde Heimat

  • Spätburgunder