Throughout the year we have people from all over the world staying at our winery and getting their hands dirty. We provide a room, food, wine and the opportunity to learn how we work with our land, vines and wines. We also grow vegetables, we have sheep to take care of and there is always a new biodiversity project in the making.
Our winery is a place to connect with like-minded people: students, creatives, sommeliers, winemakers, brewers, or simply passionate wine drinkers. New life paths took their start here, projects and jobs evolved and new friendships developed. All in the spirit of our holistic approach to work and life, sustainable farming and pure wine.

So – what’s going on throughout the year?

Early spring

In 2020 we’ll plant a new vineyard the first two weeks of April and break up the land with a few biodiversity hotspots and plenty of trees. It will become and exciting plot and everybody involved will maintain an everlasting connection to it. Also it won’t be as steep as we planted in 2018 (shown on the picture above).

Vegetation season

Starting in May it’s all about green pruning following the gentle pruning approach which we have introduced to all our vineyards. It’s a magical time with flowering vineyards which also means you’ll meet the most noble tool of a grower: the hoe.

June is mostly about “managing” the shoots (and suckers and waterspouts) which mostly grow faster than we can get them in the trellising.

And then it’s time for the sheep to get back in the vineyards. Finally July is about fine-tuning the vineyards, racking and bottling.


It’s the time of the year where we sleep little, work hard and burst of excitement about the new vintage. Picking grapes, bottling Pet-Nat, taking care of the skin fermentations, working with different presses, LOTS of cleaning and of course plenty of opportunities to drink wine.

Harvest tends to last from the end of August until mid October. People staying for the full harvest will be preferred. In general the minimum duration of your stay is two weeks. In particular for green-pruning, harvest and bottling we have a lot of topics to cover before you can get your hands on and that simply needs time.

Any dates in mind? Questions? Send us an email: (and please write a few lines about you, your motivation and/or attach your CV)