First oxidation tests with the 15 vintage

Oxidation can be scary and wonderful. It can be orange or brown, sherry or nutty. It can be a rather fast or a surprisingly slow process, damage or improvement. Until today I basically have no clue why specific (white) wines oxidate in a specific way. So I do several oxidation tests per year to find out more. This year there are… Read more →

Barrel samples for RAW Berlin 2015

It’s RAW time – we’re coming to Berlin

We have a very special relationship with the natural wine fair RAW. As visitors we’ve attended this wonderful event in London from the first year. As greenhorn growers we went there to show our first two wines. The upcoming weekend RAW is coming to Berlin for one day (November 29th). And of course we’ll be there. There are only two “seriously”… Read more →

Melanie tasting Bacchus

A new vintage is born and it’s looking great

We’re done. All grapes are picked and most have been pressed. The time of night-shifts is over and life feels weirdly calm. It’s good to have much more time again for Melanie and Oskar. And for writing this blog post. We just came back from the daily cellar visit. Loads of bubbling going on. A lot of stuff to taste.… Read more →

Harvest is close

We’re back! After a marvelous trip to Norway and Denmark. We’ve had a great time visiting our local importers (Frederik from Non Dos in Oslo and Lasse from Krone Vin in Copenhagen), spending time in some serious cities and the northern countryside. First thing after coming back? Checking all the vineyards. Two additional vineyards had to be watered while we were away.… Read more →

Kitzinger Eselsberg Schwarzriesling

The big August vineyard update

It just doesn’t rain. We live in a pretty dry area but the lack of water we’re suffering from this year is extreme. A lot of colleagues have been watering their vines the last months as good as they could and so have we. But we can’t do it all the time and everywhere so we have to deal with… Read more →

Let love grow

In the last few months Michael spent most of his time in the vineyards (even in the middle of the night or early mornings) while I was organizing our wedding. I have to admit that there were moments when I just wanted to cancel everything. But then Michael reminded me of the reason why we initially wanted to get married:… Read more →

Flowering grapevine

Dry times – vineyard update

We’ve been working hard over the last week to manage the necessary shoot thinning. Especially the shoots growing out of the root/trunk section are quite labor-intensive when it comes to Silvaner and Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier. We had a little damage due to a very late frost night but nothing too serious. And our new Silvaner in Iphofen has a vibrant… Read more →

Melanie stirring 500

Our way to biodynamics

When you live in the world of natural wine you automatically meet a lot of wine growers following biodynamic principles. We both remember very well our first tasting with a biodynamic grower in London’s Theatre of Wine with Josef Umathum. And keen as we are on experimenting and moving on it was only a question of time till we gave it… Read more →

Vitus and Christian installing a bat box

The bat project

Bats are wonderful creatures. There is a nice variety of them living in our area and we love them fluttering around in the evening hours. Bats play their role in the ecosystem and: their poop is very valuable! It’s called guano. Containing 10 times more nitrogen than compost it’s a useful fertilizer. And all of this is coming together in one project. We… Read more →

Caterpillar eating young vines

Under attack

It started within two days. A few eggs of a few owlet moths broke and gave birth to a group of hungry caterpillars. Those little beasts spend the day at the bottom of the trunk where they are basically invisible. At night they crawl up the stem over to the buds. Fresh and crispy buds, their favorite meal. They eat one… Read more →