Never mind the bollocks

Everything has calmed down. The Silvaner barrels are slowly going through malo, here and there there is something to repair but it’s only the remaining conventional business keeping us (or better: Melanie) busy. And tasting and dinners. Of course. Tastings and dinners there are. We recently co-hosted winemaker’s dinners in Würzburg’s MS Zufriedenheit and Bielefeld’s Heinrich sein Enkel – it’s an… Read more →

September harvest update – a dance with the rot

It’s the first days after three weeks of harvesting every day allowing me to have a cup of coffee at my desk. Only five plots to go, we’ll finish picking grapes next week. It’s been a hell of a ride. After cleaning tanks, floors and everything else for about a week as quick as we could we started picking Sunday… Read more →

July vineyard update

When I visited all vineyards one last time before our summer trip to the U.S. and Canada I tasted the first Bacchus berry tasting like Bacchus. That was yesterday. Harvest is getting closer and it looks like it’s going to kick in a bit sooner than usual. It’s hard to imagine a better growing weather than we had the last… Read more →

June vineyard update

Four weeks ago the new shoots just had the lengths of a handspan. Now the wireframes are filled to the top with strong green and berries have almost reached the size of peas. Watching that quick growth is breathtaking year after year. The main event since the last post has been bloom. And due to all the sunshine I’d say… Read more →

May vineyard update

Serious spring arrived mid May. Finally. After a super warm start in March which led to an early bud break we’ve been scared of frost for a way too long time. In the end it was three nights of burning fires in three vineyards and luckily there are only two vineyards which will likely have a significantly lower yield (Regent and one Müller-Thurgau).… Read more →

The last repairs – we’re ready for spring

With the majority of our wireframes being 30+ years old there is always a lot to repair, mostly broken piles and wires. So after pruning when all the old wood has been removed we tour through the vineyards, count the missing piles and strain the intact wires. So far a rather relaxed piece of work. The first muscle hangover comes… Read more →

Guano harvest

On the warmest day of the year so far it was time for the guano harvest. Christian (all pics by him – thanks!), Nick and I headed to the small church of the tiny village of Nassau where we had left behind some of the bat-shit last year due to not having had enough bags with us. It’s a narrow way… Read more →

Pruning & travelling

Winter is pruning time. For a couple of weeks it’s been horrible outside. Cold, wet, windy. I have to prune quite a few hectares so I really have to use every dry(-ish) day making my cuts. But two pants and several shirts made it work even below -10°C. There were days though which didn’t allow for any work, you just couldn’t see… Read more →

Bats, sheep & a lot more wine: the 2016 roundup

It’s winter. Cold, calm with our fourth vintage aging in the cellar. It’s not even been four years we’ve been doing all this. And so much happened! The first years were about getting started & quantities were small. This all changed with the 2015 vintage. We produced ten times more wine than it was 2013/2014 and I had a lot of sleepless nights.… Read more →