New wines for spring

While our new spring crew is polishing its disgorging skills I finally do find the time to write a few lines about what happened the last weeks. First of all we bottled plenty of wine back in March. The new 2017 Fledermaus is in brilliant shape and currently getting packed on pallets so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. The 2017 Bacchus Pet-Nat was disgorged this year – too much pressure to leave it as it is. Same for the Silvaner which – different then last year – got a bit of skin contact in 2017. We just finished disgorging it and will label it end of April so it can ship before summer.

Also bottled were the Vater & Sohn Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner plus some more aged wines: the 2016 Spätburgunder, the 2016 Große Wanderlust and the premier vintage of our new cuvée “Wilde Heimat”: 2015. It was a pleasure pouring these babies at the recent fairs and if you’re in Berlin for the upcoming RAW: we’ll have (most of) them with us.

Talking about spring: it’s finally there! After complaining about constant rain for weeks we got the bulldozer in the plot we’re soon going to plant a new vineyard to move some soil. Now we just need to get the soil nicely loose so we can start measuring out the rows. It’s going to be a joy despite the fact that we’ll have to dig about 2,600 holes. But we have plenty of time left.

And isn’t it wonderful how nature has started waking up? We went for a little tour yesterday morning digging a few wholes here and there to examine the soil. And it was satisfying to watch that it did improve quite a bit compared to last year. Still too little humus but a more loose structure, more of the right fungi and ants, earthworm(-holes) and the smell of woods.

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