Guano harvest

On the warmest day of the year so far it was time for the guano harvest. Christian (all pics by him – thanks!), Nick and I headed to the small church of the tiny village of Nassau where we had left behind some of the bat-shit last year due to not having had enough bags with us.

It’s a narrow way up the tower from where we reach the roof where an impressive colony of greater mouse-eared bats lives in summer. Nobody home yet.

I climbed up the beams where a shit load (haha) of guano was waiting to be pushed to the floor where Nick and Christian were waiting with shovels and brooms.

We have to weigh it next week but it was a good load. I just the bags would have been a bit more stable. We ended up spending more time cleaning the church from a bursted bag than carrying them all the way down.

I’ll get five more bags tomorrow and then we’ll have a good quantity to support the weaker parcels this year.

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