In Flames

Spring had started so nicely as the interns and I spent the first weeks together in the vineyards. The first workdays in a tee, the first barbecue,…


It all ended last Friday. Within a day the temperature went down to the freeze point. Being in the middle of bud break it’s a dangerous time for frost. There is a specific spot at the bottom of two of our vineyards which is always in danger. Cold air tends to pond there like water in a sea. And if we hadn’t (re)acted all would have been lost by this time. So day after day we’ve carried pots filled with paraffin-wax in the vineyard, watched the temperature and went out to light them up if necessary. It’s been four nights so far and a fifth one will follow tonight. I’m tired.

Vineyards on fire

Almost impossible to judge at this point how much damage has been done so far in the other vineyards. We’ll see what really happened in a couple of days I guess … And what do you do before the world ends? You plant an apple tree. In this case we planted vineyard tulips. Take that!


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