Let love grow

In the last few months Michael spent most of his time in the vineyards (even in the middle of the night or early mornings) while I was organizing our wedding. I have to admit that there were moments when I just wanted to cancel everything. But then Michael reminded me of the reason why we initially wanted to get married: This invisible bond which connects us three as a family should become official. It should protect us and help us stick together in times of trouble. We both know that adventurous times are lying ahead of us taking over the winery with all its risks and opportunities. But we are looking forward to an adventurous and marvelous life together and we both hope for OUR LOVE TO GROW.

Our wedding ceremony was held at the top of our Riesling vineyard next to the vineyard where we grow the grapes for our Heimat Silvaner. It is a magical place where you have a nice view of the beautiful Schwanberg. The weather forecast was pretty bad and it was raining cats and dogs in the morning. Michael and I tried to stay calm and hold on to the idea of an outdoor wedding ceremony. Thankfully the rain stopped around noon and we could get married between golden wheat fields and green vineyards under a bright blue sky. There was a cool breeze blowing which kept us fresh on this warm day. I was quite calm the last days before the wedding but when I walked down the aisle I was pretty excited after all. I wish I could have heard the beautiful voice of the woman singing an acoustic version of Radiohead’s “Creep” as I walked down the aisle Oskars hand deep in mine. Michael said that this was the most emotional moment for him. I guess I was too focused on walking properly on high heels over unsolid ground. It took me a while to relax after I had reached my chair next to Michael’s in front of the altar. I was fighting back the tears when the band played Nouvelle Vague’s version of “In the manner of speaking”. Sitting in the middle of our future under the bright blue sky sharing this moment with the people we love just made me feel tremendously blessed. I kept thinking how incredibly insane and unique this whole experience is (not the wedding itself but the decision to make wine) and how thankful I am that we decided to take this risk.

It was a wonderful feeling to look at all the happy faces of our family and friends. We would like to thank each and every single one of our guests for helping us, celebrating with us and for the lovely presents!

And we would also like to take the chance to say thank you for all the good wishes we received from people around the globe via Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, etc. We have kept some bottles of our wedding wine for you!

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Photos: clipmanufaktur.My dress: Rembo styling. Michael’s suit: Hugo Boss. Michael’s hat: Mayser. Venue: Our vineyard and winery. Food: Feuerkoch. Flowers: Blumen und Pflanzen Kohl. Stationary and decoration: Michael & Me. Hair & make up: Schnittpunkt Würzburg. Cakes: Theresa Tremel. Wedding Cake: Viktoria Bachmaier. Music: Joe Krieg, Wolfgang Kriener, Tobias Schirmer, Jochen Rothermel, Senta Studer.

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