Dry times – vineyard update

We’ve been working hard over the last week to manage the necessary shoot thinning. Especially the shoots growing out of the root/trunk section are quite labor-intensive when it comes to Silvaner and Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier. We had a little damage due to a very late frost night but nothing too serious. And our new Silvaner in Iphofen has a vibrant population of blister mites.

Rust mites

Probably not enough predators. And that’s pretty much all we can do: help the enemies of our enemies getting in shape.

Rust mites

So. It has been pretty dry the last weeks. And nicely warm. Good conditions to work and bad conditions for mildew. So far so good. The first small flower clusters have started appearing the last days and it looks like the weather will be ok for this important next step of the grapevines.

Flowering grapevine

But as I said: it has been pretty dry. Looking at the vineyards there are many signs like simply the color of the greening.

Dry vineyard

That was a Silvaner in Iphofen and here is our Heimat Silvaner vineyard in Kitzingen:

Dry Heimat Silvaner

But also do the tips of the shoots show that they are thirsty.

Thirsty shoot tips

For the little vines we planted this and last year to fill the gaps this means we’ll have to water again next week. The big boys are still getting along ok but the speed of growth has decreased.

I have the bad feeling that it will start raining again just the day we’ll get married at the end of the month.

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