Steep and beautiful – this will be our second Silvaner

We’re almost feeling dizzy. Two years in a row we’ve been handling very few and small parcels. This is changing significantly in 2015. I’ll have to write an extra post about the old family vineyard (variety: Domina) we do have under our umbrella now. You might remember the vineyard with the cute little cottage and now there are another two. Yikes!

We’re taking them over from our good friend Stefan Vetter. He’s been farming them organically for a little while now and I always liked what he made out of the grapes. So what do we have.

There is a parcel of Müller-Thurgau on a little hill close to the wood. It’s been planted in 1970 and although Müller-Thurgau is not the variety for premiere wines I always loved what I tasted in Stefan’s cellar. What really is my benchmark for this variety.

Then there is a parcel of Silvaner north of Iphofen on a bigger hill at the very top of the vinevard zone. Planted in 1970 as well. I put markers on a map in case you would like to dig deeper.

The Silvaner clearly is a showpiece. It’s at the very top of this vineyard area. Pretty steep, facing the south with a beautiful view. Let me show you a few pictures. Let’s start at the top.

Pretty steep

And then have a look from the bottom upwards.

Bottom view

Some of the vines have decided to live the rest of their lives in some kind of lie-down-position.

A sleeping vine

And so I was discovering this new place while pruning the vines (which really had to be done last week!).

That's me pruning the vineyard

But what excites me most is how wonderful the soil is visible at the top of the vineyard. All those different layers with their different colors and consistencies … I had to get a picture of me taken in front of it

The soil

We were a little concerned of work overload though. It is a quite a long ride with the tractor which couldn’t handle the steep section anyway … so we’ll get somebody helping us at least in the first years. Nonetheless this is an exciting and promising addition. Finally a second Silvaner!

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