On letting go

After weeks and months of labeling, sealing and packing our wine we had to say goodbye to all of them. It was a painful process. But it also felt so good to see them getting ready for their big day. As we are eager to see where our wines will be drunk, we thought it might be nice to tell where they go.


The first big pallet went to (please imagine a drum roll) Oslo, Norway! I met Frederik Kolderup – who works for Non Dos – at the RAW in London. We had a long conversation and I was impressed how much he knows about wine and how chatty and friendly he was. There was a lovely girl with him who told me that she is a loyal reader of our blog which made me very happy. Frederik gave me the feeling that he would be happy to drink our wines himself. I am glad to sell my wine to a person like him who appreciates our attitude and the way we make our wine.

Another big pallet went to (again lot’s of noise) Kopenhagen, Denmark! Lasse Kruse Rasmussen who works for Krone Vin is a pretty relaxed guy who also knows a lot about wine. He has a wonderful sense of humour, provided us with valuable advice and has an incredible network. It was great to have him as a guest and show him the vineyards and our old wine cellar.


Roeland Fort

The last big pallet went to (tremendous applause) Antwerp, Belgium! Roeland Fort got in touch with us after the RAW in London and came to visit us this summer. We had a wonderful evening chatting, drinking wine and again receiving precious advice from a person who knows the wine scene very well. He left us a bottle of special beer which was a pleasure to drink. It soon became clear that this guy has a great taste and knows a lot of great winemakers. He is a beginner himself and we are very happy to work with him.

Some wine went to Austria to the lovely and well known restaurant taubenkobel. Looking at their wine list we were quite impressed: Lot’s of big names and the tiny 2Naturkinder right in the middle. Austria has so many fantastic winemakers  and we are thrilled that the people in Austria have the chance to try our wines!

Last but definitely not least we sold our wine to two wonderful wine traders in Germany: One of them is Torben Bunte who runs the online-shop Vin Pur and recently opened a fantastic place called Heinrich sein Enkel. Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to visit Torbens wine bar and café but we are dying to eat stinky cheese and drink a glass of excellent wine there (hopefully together with Torben). This place reminds me of a lot of hipster places we went to while we were still living in London. It is very sad that this fabulous place is so far away from here. Besides, you can also buy our wine at a wonderful shop called 225 Liter. This shop is not specialised in wine without additives but only works with small winemakers. I love the way how Kathrin and her husband describe their wines – with great enthusiasm and passion (please find a lovely – German -description of our wines here and here).


Tim, Sabine, Stefan, Katja and Melanie

I also would like to mention that we have received many requests and encouraging words especially from people who live in Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands. Please don’t be sad that our wine didn’t make it to your country this year. We are working hard to collaborate with someone who will be able to import our wines.

Massive thanks to all of you for your support and trust in us! We hope we will work together again in the future to build a stable and sincere relationship.

We hope you enjoy our wines, people of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Austria!!!! Thanks so much ♡

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