On holiday

August is probably the most quiet time of the year. The grapes ripen slowly in the sun, not much work left at this point in the vineyards. Before we left for our little summer holiday we spent a couple of days specifically getting our Silvaner in shape. It turned out well I think.

Silvaner in July

Almost two weeks we spent in the woody hills of Franken, the Fränkische Schweiz. It’s an area with an enormous density of breweries and castles. We rented an apartment in one of the castles, Burg Egloffstein. This is how it looks from the opposite side of the valley, we just walked there yesterday to take the picture.

Burg Egloffstein

Being on holiday with a baby for the first time we realized that there is a lot less time for relaxing, reading and drinking wine. Well, there still was some. So we could enjoy a couple of books, really good stuff!

Holiday books 2014

And besides the beer we tasted we brought along a few bottles of wine.

Holiday wine 2014

Almost time to go home. And I am actually looking forward to it. I am looking forward to work, to make and ship wine.

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