August vineyard update

Since the second half of August had started we mostly saw rain. It just didn’t stop. The berries started getting bigger and bigger … it was last year when it started raining in the beginning of September and didn’t stop, the berries just started bursting at some point. Yesterday the sun finally returned. Today we were sweating int he vineyard and I hope that we’ll get more of this the next days & weeks.

The Regent is now deeply red. Berries start getting nicely sweet (Oskar couldn’t stop eating), the grapes are healthy and there might be enough to reactivate one of the wineries old “Stückfass” barrels. The plants closest to the wood are well visited by birds but ok, they can have a few bites.

Regent, August 2014

The Silvaner bushy as always. We already spent two days to remove leaves again, cut of vines growing out of the soil or the trunk and ripping of little green grapes which will never become sweet and suck up precious energy. We’ll spend another one (and we did the same thing four weeks ago). And it pays of. Healthy grapes and the first sweet berries, not loads but more than expected after frost and cutworms.

Silvaner, August 2014

Then there is going to be this little experiment with a tiny parcel of Perle. Every second vine has essentially no grapes at all (frost …) but the rest has quite a few, most of them have turned red-ish already. I hope it’s going to be enough for one barrique.

Perle, August 2014

Dornfelder and Schwarzriesling? Just had a brief look and forgot to take a picture. I’ll ad it later on. But they’re also on track. Fingers crossed the sun will stay with us for a while! Harvest preparation & countdown has seriously started.

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