Yikes! Grape Collective included me in their Top 25 Wine Instagrams

Who doesn’t like top lists. Specifically if one is part of them. Here is a neat one I got on today with my Instagram account which you, the regular reader, might know from the sidebar of our postings. The online magazine / wine shop grape collective put me on their Top 25 Wine Instagrams – how nice!

#25 wine Instagrams

The Instagram 25 represents those whose visual (and editorial) expressiveness extends well beyond a label shot or filtered photograph of a full wine glass placed artistically on top of the table. These are the wine lovers who not only “paint a picture,” but paint a picture that captures a moment worth remembering.

Well, there are many lists out there in the interwebs but being part of one which also contain Hawk Wakawaka ist pretty cool – thanks!

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