June vineyard update: spiders, beetles, worms

June is so vineyard time. After a tough start (frost, earthworms) the last weeks have been going really well with loads of sun and warm days but also a refreshing week of rain. Which means: the waking-up period of spring is totally over, nature is as alive as it could be. So much to see! I wish I had more than these kind of standard animals you might expect to see. Like this spider carrying a huge amount of eggs.

Spider carrying eggs

There are loads of them waiting for their babies to come out at the top of the vines. Other animals are still working on the baby topic.

Ladybirds having sex

And while I was digging around today I saw earthworms as thick as my little finger. I missed the opportunity to take a pic when one lively fellow was showing his (or her) head on one side of the clod so you just get his (or her) but. The worm wasn’t shy about that.

Fat earthworm

So what were we doing out there? Firstly removing sprouts (I think they’re called “suckers” in English?) from the trunks which means a lot of kneeing. Then removing a couple of canes without any fruit: after the frost and the earthworm attack we left more than we normally would have and now we need to clean up. And last but not least I started spending a lot of time removing leaves in the grape zone to get better air circulation. Which is really helpful especially if you grow organically.

This is how the plants look like currently (in Sulzfeld where our Wanderlust grows):

Sulzfeld Regent grapevines in early June

And here is a bit more to see, the rest of the Regent vineyard.

Sulzfelder Cyrikausberg, home of our Wanderlust wines

The upcoming weekend will be big. We’ll finally be bottling our 2013 vintage! It’s going to happen on Saturday – I’m sure there will be status updates showing up on Instagram and Facebook!

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