Bottling day

Bottling day is over. Thank god. It all worked out well although it took quite a bit longer than I’d hoped. It was a beautiful Saturday though with temperatures around 34°C/94°F. Our friends Vitus and Eva arrived around lunch time, Bastian, Barbara and their little boys came a little later to help. We had cakes and loads of toys to keep the kids happy while the work was done.

I had our bottle cleaning machine set up to hose all bottles before filling them with wine.

Vitus and the cleaning machine

We needed to take extra care as it’s an old machine struggling to handle our fancy slim bottles.

Bastian taking care of the cleaning machine

I had racked the wine the day before using gravity.


I lifted the steel tank so we could bottle using a hose and gravity again.

Bottling the wine

While one or two of us were bottling the third man was in charge of ramming the corks in the bottles.


Oskar was in charge of overseeing progress.

Melanie and Oskar overseeing production

After the Silvaner was done we did a quick barbecue. We were pretty hungry and there was a big piece of work left.

Michael eating

It was a long night, we had to bottle till late to finish it all off that day.

Bottling late

And finally all bottles were standing in boxes. We cleaned the tanks and opened the first bottle Kleine Wanderlust just before midnight celebrating another step of our first production cycle. Thanks again for helping Bastian, Barbara, Vitus & Eva!

Now it’s only labels and wax left to apply and we can start shipping. Yeah!

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