OUR FIRST TWO WINES ARE READY. We have chosen names, bottles, labels (we will write more about them in our next post), etc. We have reached a milestone in our project. I always thought I would freak out and be jumping for joy.

I am certainly proud (and exhausted) but it still doesn’t feel real. I can’t believe that we have created our own product. I seriously never thought we would come that far. And the most incredible thing is that there are people out there who are already showing interest in buying it. People who don’t know us and don’t buy our wines because they are friends or family: Sommeliers, traders from across Germany, importers from Scandinavia. Every time we get another request Michael and I are pleased as punch. But it still doesn’t feel real. Maybe when we will sell the first bottles. It gives us confidence that it was the right decision though.

our first natural wines

When I look at my son I suddenly see how far we have come. Oskar already looks like a big boy. He has grown so much. Last year at this time we had one more month to spend in London. Oskar was still in my belly and we went to the RAW wine fair as visitors. This year we are coming back to present our wines. Yes, this is a milestone for us.

Oskar and Oma

Recently my mom came to visit us for the weekend and I took this picture of her and Oskar. This little dude loves my mother like crazy. I hope that Oskar loves me as much as I love my mama!

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