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I know it may sound a bit arrogant and full of myself but I am absolutely smitten with our branding. I already talked about the making and the philosophy behind it.

I can only recommend working closely with a designer if you need a logo (we worked with the wonderful Mr. Zenz from ZENZ-ART). At the very end you will see that you will be much happier because it will feel more like yourself and not like something separate. Your logo represents you and shows people who you are. It is especially important when you are one out of a million. There are so many cool and wonderful winemakers out there (and much more who are not worth mentioning) that it is essential to distance yourself from the rest. And this is only possible by focusing on your strengths. In our case this means: small quantities, individual wines, traditional grape varieties. We will never make heavy wines like those you can find in the south of France or Spain or Italy. But I am extremely happy to make gentle wines which are easy to drink. We are a family business and we will never be able to serve the masses. What I really want is to be unique, to work transparently and to create an honest product.

2Naturkinder branding

This is why I am totally smitten with our branding. It is simple, honest and unique. I am so much in love that I decided I want business cards, stickers, buttons and a stamp. I know that our packaging will be very simple because we both don’t like knick-knacks. It will probably be just the stamp on brown paper and a little message for the buyer. We will use the stickers for packaging as well and probably to beautify our stands (and other stuff).

branded Macbook

I couldn’t resist to make Oskar some clothes branded with our logo (my creative self also thought about bags, postcards, aprons, etc – I really had to stop myself). Now I am not only a proud mommy but also a proud Naturkind.

2Naturkinder for babies


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