Another baby on its way

This is a little delayed. But there is more news than we find time to write about. We have another baby on its way. It will take at least two years until we can seriously welcome it. So no, it’s not a sibling for Oskar but a new vineyard we planted two weeks ago.

The “Kitzinger Eselsberg” is home to very few vineyards. What makes them special is that there is not one vineyard after the other. It’s more vineyard, garden, donkeys, vineyard, wilderness, vineyard, gardens. Not too much monoculture and an interesting microclimate. The soil is shell limestone and Keuper, “Lettenkeuper” to be precise – I don’t find a translation for that … it’s stones looking very solid but falling into thousands of pieces when touched. It’s an almost magical experience.

Lettenkeuper falling into pieces

And after this big boy spent a few days of digging almost one meter deep …

Digging deep

Everything looked like this:

Lettenkeuper at its best

When planting day had finally come the roots of the baby vines were cut down to a few centimeters.

Cutting the roots of the baby vines

And then we made use of a planting machine digging holes & putting the vines in.

Musicians planting vines

Of course there was still a lot of handwork left to get all the little Riesling plants sitting comfortably in the soil.

Handwork planting a Riesling

Hello baby vines!

Baby Riesling vine

But finally we could let Oskar and his grandparents open a bottle to “water” the last plant.

Oskar & his grandparents "water" the last vine

Just like my grandpa and I did it almost 30 years ago.

My grandpa and I "watering" the last vine

Yep. the whole family was pretty proud after we were done.

Proud Voelker family in front of a freshly planted Riesling

We can’t wait to harvest our first Riesling! What a pity it will take a couple of years until we’ll get it into your glasses :-/ I actually put together a few video clips I took that day so in case you’d like to spend a minute watching us planting wines – here you go:

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