All of my friends know that I find change difficult. I am a nerd when it comes to chaos and spontaneity. My life needs to be organised which keeps me sane and secure. This is not sexy, I know. But during the last year I have learned to accept it and don’t see myself as someone who needs to be fixed.

After all those changes in 2013 (change jobs, move from big city in UK to small town in Germany, becoming a mum) I thought that this would be enough change for the upcoming years. I found out that it is not enough. I once said that stagnation is death. I still believe this although 2013 was a tough year.

So, I am very happy to announce that we have finally found a name for our project. 2Naturkinder might be a bit difficult to pronounce for our English friends but we wanted a German name as it says something about our roots. And as we are producing (and hopefully selling) natural wine we found this name perfect for us: 2 (=Michael + Melanie) Natur (=nature plays a big role in our project) kinder (= as children you are keen on trying new things over and over again). Since we have started our journey we have changed and so has our name. As part of this we also decided to re-launch our website keeping in mind that we not only need a blog but also hopefully soon need a platform for promoting our wines. Don’t worry we hold on to our mission only the cover has changed.

Along with the new name we also introduce a new logo. We had the pleasure to work with the very talented Jens Reinhold from ZENZ-ART. We were looking for an outstanding artist and were happy when Jens agreed to work with us. We wanted something simple, original and handmade (painted). The logo should always remind us on our philosophy: We deeply believe in simplicity and authenticity and strive to live, work and produce in harmony with our environment.

So after all I have to admit – change is good, right?! We hope you like our new “identity” and our new presence. You can also finally like us on Facebook!

And last but not least I am very happy to announce that we are coming to London!!!! Michael, little Oskar and I will be in London from March 15th until March 20th to present our wines at the RAW Wine Fair. We are looking so much forward to see all of our friends and feel some urban atmosphere!!!

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