Creative break

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a good start in 2014. Some of you might wonder what we are up to as we haven’t posted anything for quite a long time. The truth is that we were really busy the last weeks at work and at home. We had a beautiful Christmas Eve with Michael’s parents and grandparents. Michael made a fantastic four course meal combining traditional food from Franconia (Knödel and Kraut) with pulled beef for the main. We had raw salmon with cilantro and ginger as a starter (Michael’s grandparents who are almost 90 were a bit suspicious but fearlessly tried it and were quite impressed how delicious raw fish can be). Then we had avocado salad with prawns and lemongrass and as dessert Michael spoiled us with a mind-blowing homemade gingerbread ice-cream. Needless to say that we had lot’s of wine and champagne with each course.

Christmas dinner

We used our free time to spend a day with my family, celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends and just enjoyed the time as a family. We talked about our life as it is now and how we want it to be. It is very important to talk about your vision from time to time because it is changing and you need to adapt your plans. Although many things have changed since we have written down our ideas about life and wine making the vision is still the same: We deeply believe in simplicity and authenticity and strive to live, work and produce in harmony with our environment. And I am very proud to say that Michael has created two wines I find incredibly good. I was probably the most critical person (I am a pessimist by nature) and already thought about the way how I could tell Michael gently that his wines taste like ***. Last night he brought me a glass of each and I was absolutely thrilled. I tried the Silvaner at first and couldn’t believe that this is actually OUR first natural wine. I tasted a certain creaminess I have only tasted in a few whites before. The colour is almost orange, the acidity is delicate and you can taste the most fermentation clearly. The Regent has a wonderful colour and a great smell. Lot’s of tannins but not too heavy. Both wines are very gentle and a pleasure to drink. At the moment they are very fragile and we hope to keep them stable. We are both full of pride and eager to present our wines to people who appreciate our wine and attitude. We are still thinking about attending the RAW Wine Fair in London (very likely because we would like to meet our friends) and Vienna, also to meet like-minded people.


In the meantime we take a creative break to work on our vision and on finding names for our two wines. Last thing is really difficult and comparable with finding a name for your own child. I can remember how long it took us to find a name for Oskar (8 months! And we were still debating while I had contractions…). The name for your child usually implies an idea of the kind of person he or she will become (Oskar= special, unique, intelligent, curious and one million things more). If we follow this road we will probably end up with a weird name for the white and a classic name for the red. Suggestions are always welcome and will be rewarded with a bottle of our first natural wine!!

Michael and Oskar asleep

At this point I feel the need to tell what a wonderful partner, great winemaker and fantastic papa Michael is. When I hear him playing the guitar and Oskar howling I am deeply in love and thankful to call such wonderful buddies my family.

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