Just a Monday

Not a lot of time to talk, write or relax these days – but a lot of satisfaction based on more check marks I can make per day than I ever could in my previous work-life. To give you an idea how my days currently look here is what I did today.

Me handling the forklift

Since 7.30 in the morning I ripped off leafs and cut off grapes at our Kitzinger Eselsberg Silvaner till I finished all nine rows we need for a few hundred bottles of natural Silvaner next year. Takes a long time. Three hours per row.

Ripped off leaves at our Silvaner

After eating salad from a garden around the corner and a few pretzels I moved around stuff with the forklift (still a lot of training necessary!) and then painted a bunch of shelf boards for the walk-in wardrobe I built in our new bedroom. Just one side, next one tomorrow, all glossy white.

Boards for our bedroom

Next I approached three wardrobes we would like to utilise as book shelves. So I had to empty them, rip of some old ugly foil and prepare the room for spraying. I primed one of the shelves at least. Hoping that I’ll be done with all of them for the weekend so our books can move in.

Where our books will live

Last but not least I prepared a lasagne so there is some proper food for tomorrow (sharing the wine with the pan). One thing I’m absolutely in love with already is that we get vegetables grown 10 minutes away from where we live and picked the morning before we buy them. Aromas, aromas, aromas.

Bolognese sauce for a lasagne

Now I’m indeed a little tired while I’m setting up the new PC for my father (Windows 8, touchscreen HP, interesting …). Cheers world!

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