A new generation

When we went to Kitzingen last week we also talked about our first two wines. As you know Michael and I are very keen on trying something new matching our philosophy. The grapes have to come from one of our organic vineyards and should be red and white if possible. We are lucky and Michael’s parents give us the opportunity to take about 500 litres from each! We both know that it is not easy for them to give up this amount of grapes especially from the organic vineyards. But they both know that there needs to be a change, something new has to come along – not only a new family generation but also a new generation of wine.

Micha munching grapes

Michael and I are very thankful and super excited to get this chance and try something new. The white is likely going to be Grauburgunder / Pinot Gris from our traditional vineyard called “Kitzinger Eselsberg”. The red one might come from a vineyard we have in Sulzfeld where the not very famous red variety Regent grows healthy, aromatic grapes which Michael is planning to crush with his own feet (yeah, I am still not 100% convinced how this will go but let’s see).

Little Micha watering a new vineyard

As you can see on the photos above he was already a little wine expert when he was very young: From trying the grapes towards watering the young wine plants. When I look at these pictures my heart is melting because I know that soon there will be another little person hopefully sitting in our vineyard munching grapes and wearing little wellies. Yep, we are very happy to announce that we are not only starting a new wine tradition but also a new family generation!

Our son in week 19

This picture shows our son (this word still makes me want to run away; not because I wanted to have a girl but  rather because it sounds so real when you name it) 19 weeks old. He is healthy and I can confirm quite active (the sonographer was not able to do the measuring because he played games with her). And I am almost 100% sure that he has Michael’s nose. This little thing was also the reason why I haven’t contributed much to this blog yet. I was pretty sick in the first months and felt a bit out of place whenever we did a tasting or had to make decisions related to wine. It still feels awkward but I am getting used to spit out the wine (most of the time with regard to the spitting). I just wanted to apologise and let you guys know that I am not a phantom girlfriend Michael invented in order not to look like a total nerd. I will try my best to contribute more and give it a healthy balance.

The next few months will be very exciting for us not only because of the move and the change of jobs but also because we will become parents of multiple babies: Our son and of course the two new wines. We hope that we will be able to support them all three with lot’s of love, respect and the ability to grow their own personality.

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