Wine and cupcakes at Sweet Revenge

Cupcakes & wine at Sweet Revenge

On our way back from Chelsea Market (where we had to realise that the fabulous Lobster Place is currently closed) we discovered a fun little place called Sweet Revenge in the south of Greenwich Village. And although the wine list itself is not very impressive it’s an exciting place offering specific pairing recommendations for its beautiful cupcakes and appropriate wines. Just having been excited about pairing Müller-Thurgau with banana cake this seemed to be an interesting experience and it was.

We went with their flagship cupcake (“Sweet Revenge®”), a peanut butter heavy, sweet bomb. Recommended to have with it was a Spanish Malbec and the combination I found almost spectacular. The medium-bodied Malbec was smooth and heavy enough to suck up and balance the sweetness of the cake and the peanut flavour went really well with the dark red fruits you get from a standard wine like this. But not too much tannins or heaviness to make the contrast too brutal. Looking at their menu I’m having a couple of ideas what to try at home. This place is definitively worth a visit for an extended dessert.

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