Last weekend in Archway

There is a little time left till we move out but we’ll be travelling the next weeks so it actually was our last weekend in our lovely flat in Archway. I’m sure I’ll get emotional when the day comes in 3 weeks and will write another post about this area so need to go into any nostalgic details today. But this was our last weekend with Archway being our headquarter and we really, really enjoyed it.

Burnt Friedman playing at Cafe OTO

For Saturday night  we went to Hackney, not too far away actually from where we’ll spend most of our April. Cafe OTO is a fun little place. Café in the afternoon, club or concert room at night. One of these places where you don’t have to queue for drinks because most people use breaks to smoke pot. I love it – also because it has a respectable selection of beer. So we had the seriously bonkers guys from Fiium Shaarrk hitting drums and bowls while looking completely stoned before Burnt Friedman hit the stage.

Following his website he actually comes from the are we’re going to move to (Coburg) and he played a few magical sets. We were lucky sitting basically directly next to him. He had positioned 4 speakers in the corners of the room sitting in the middle and pushing the sounds to the various amps which made a terrific experience.

All we need for Rosie's laksa & a bottle of Ariana' Occhopinti's red SP68

For Sunday we had left one meal to cook that symbolises London for us as much as it can. One of the first cookbooks I got when I came here was Rosie Lovell’s “Spooning with Rosie”. Rosie has a wonderful deli within Brixton Market (at the Coldharbour Lane) selling a lot of magical dishes which alone are worth taking the Victoria line and going south. Our favourite dish in there is a sweet laksa with udon noodles mainly consisting of pumpkin, coconut milk, pak choi, chillies and shiitake mushrooms. I don’t want to post the recipe as I’d really encourage you to buy her book. Rosie is awesome.
Together with that we had Ariana Occhopinti‘s red SP68 which tastes almost a little bit disappointingly conventional. But that#s high expectations after the sensational Frappato we had the days before. The SP68 is though a really good, fruity red wine, unfiltered, organic and fermented on indigenous yeasts. Yummy.

Now there is of course loads left over what will basically result in a few unplanned & opulent dinners next week. Oh well. Have a good week guys – we’ll surely post a bit from New York next week.

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