Sardinian blood

I’m so looking forward to taste this wine. Tenute Dettori is a really small artisan winery which means in their best years they produce 45,000 bottles. They are based in Sardinia (Italy) and all their pride is wine reflecting the terroir of this island. Hand picked and selected grapes ferment de-stemmed on there skin for a bit more than a week before the juice gets into cement vats to age for a few years.

Label: 2006 Tenute Dettori Tuderi

There would be a lot more details to learn but let me just quote the summary from the label:

In the vineyards and cellars we not have used synthetic chemicals in addition to sulfur. We have no added yeast, enzymes and all other aids winemaking. Not filtered, not clarified, no barriques. Give time to rest after shipping. Leave in to oxigenate in the glass. Probable remainings and CO2 are natural. Every bottle can be different. Ingredients: grape, sulphites. Sorry, but we don’t follow the market, we produce wines that we like, wines from our culture. They are what they are and not what you want them to be.

Awesome. So here I have their 2006 Tuderi. “Tuderi is the name of the rock that dominates over the vineyards and the local area.” as I learned. It’s 100% Cannonau as they call Grenache in Sardinia. I get it a little under 14°C and let it breathe for 2 hours in the bottle.

2006 Tenute Dettori Tuderi

It’s a relatively bright red, cherries, strawberries, some nutty flavours jump into the nose. The body is as full as you can expect it to be with this amount of alcohol but  far not as heavy and overwhelming as I expected. More air brings more aromas of salami and smokiness (as a lot of naturals do). It’s impressingly fruity though. Tannins are quite soft, I assume it didn’t spend too much time on the skins. All very well balanced. Not too crazy but clearly unconventional.  A very impressing wine. Love it. Cheers!

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