Gardener, musician and a strong woman

This Sunday brought some sad news as my old auntie Lotte passed away in the age of 83. She was a character, oh yes she was. As a piano teacher and organ player well known in the neighbourhood there were quite a few people who can tell one or the other anecdote. I remember many Christmases when we had to torture instruments and sing with her but she was really good and she loved it.

R.I.P. Tante Lotte

But what I admire her most for was her pioneer work in organic gardening. As a single woman she took over the gardening business in Etwashausen from her parents and kept it running till the very last day. Her passion always was keeping old regional varieties alive. But she also loved experimenting with exotic fruits and I remember very well how we had to taste those sour little oranges in the winter. She was a great woman and I’ll always remember her well.

Rest in peace.

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