Avocado cakes with king prawns

Last weekend we felt like avocado and prawns would be a good idea. I had a recipe stored in Evernote that I cooked a year ago (besides many other things Evernote is such a good cookbook!) but I thought I made a little documentation to try out Snapguide – I really like the concept. It’s a light little dish and it goes well with a Riesling I suppose although all the lemon dressing acidity might be too much if the Riesling is bone-dry. In any case I had this bottle of La Forge Estate Barrel Selection Chardonnay 2011 which was a bit too buttery and oaky for my taste but actually the pineapple aroma made a nice contribution.

Check out How to Make Avocado Cakes With King Prawns by Michael Voelker on Snapguide.

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