A long way to go

First of all we have to apologise. We are announcing a big change to our life and you might not have heard about it first hand. It’s really difficult getting the word out in a controlled manner. Please complain in the comments.

So here is the announcement: we will leave NPG and London mid June 2013, move to Kitzingen (it has a crooked tower, a river, a couple of churches & and a synagoge) and start working at the winery Michael’s family has been running since 1843. Yes, that’s a big change. We are afraid of moving from the pulsating city to the quiet countryside. But we are also excited about moving from a 23 m2 apartment to a huge house. We are a bit scared working with a product we don’t have experience with and leaving an industry we know and (mostly) love. But opportunities like this only come once. If we wouldn’t do it now we never would.

Vineyard: Kitzinger Eselsberg

We put a little text together describing what kind of wine we have in mind – you’ll surely learn more if you come back from time to time to see how we’re getting along. Also you are of course very welcome to ask! In a nutshell: we want to make with the intent of nothing added or taken away. This is also called “natural wine”.

The next weeks, months and (hopefully!) years we would like to share moments of our life with you as we move from London to Kitzingen, from publishing to winemaking, from the desk to the vineyard. Our blog won’t purely be about wine but about us and our life.

For now it’s February and Kitzingen is still far away. All we have is a lot of plans, books, spreadsheets, presentations and this blog. We’ll get you involved, we’ll need your help – and we’ll keep you posted.

(And yes, there will surely be appropriate leaving drinks when the time has come.)

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