2016 Bacchus Pet-Nat

How we made it

The grapes for this Bacchus Pet-Nat were harvested in September. The vineyard has been farmed organically for 2 years now and it’s a true monster. Shell-limestone with a fat, nutrition-rhich clay layer let’s the vines grow extraordinarily strong. So strong that the vines are very tricky to manage, it’s the most work-intense vineyard so the yield has its price. The whole clusters were pressed, the juice sedimented over night and fermented in the tank. The goal was to bottle it with 10 g/l residual sugar but it was a little more in the end resulting in too much pressure. So we opened an re-closed all bottles to loose some of that pressure to end up below the 2.5 bars limit. It’s undisgorged and tiny bits of tartaric acid might stick in the bottle neck of some bottles.


Fact sheet

Variety: Bacchus
Soil: shell limestone

Harvest: 12.09.2016
Yield:  110 hl/ha
Whole clusters pressed in a pneumatic press
Bottled: September 2016
Bottles produced: 1,800

Alcohol: 11.5%
Acid: 5.2 g/l
Total SO2 (nothing added): 5 mg/l
Residual sugar: 0 g/l
Bottle size: 0.75 l