2015 Drei Freunde

How we made it

The top three planted varieties in Franken are Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner. It was kind of logical to us working on a blend. To start small we took about 300l of each variety and fermented the grapes on the skins for about a week. After pressing all three batches finished fermentation and malo separately in old oak. After several trials we found the right mixture (sounds easy in the end: a third each) and blended the wines adding back all the lees in May 2016. This really helped harmonizing the blend. The wine was bottled unfiltered and without the addition of SO2 in July 2016.

Fact sheet

Varieties: Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner
Locations: Kitzingen, Iphofen
Soil: shell limestone, Keuper

Harvest: September 2015
Yield: 60 hl/ha
Grapes fermented on the skins for 7 days
Malolactic fermentation and aging on the lees in old oak
Blended with all lees in May 2016
Bottled: July 2016
Bottles produced: 950
Magnums produced: 100

Alcohol: 10.5%
Acidity: 4.8 g/l
Residual sugar: 0.6 g/l
Bottle size: 0.75 l / 1.5l