All our grapes come from our organically farmed vineyards. All vineyards are either certified or in the certification process. The grapes are harvested by hand. Every wine has its own story and by clicking on the links below you’ll learn everything we know ourselves about the precious grape juice. Any questions still unanswered? Please get in touch!


2016 Heimat Silvaner

The 16 vintage comes with less maceration and more fermentation based aromas with a dark, elegant tannin structure. Read more.


2016 Kleine Heimat

The first vintage for this skin-fermented Silvaner growing on Keuper. Cold harvest, long maceration, enormously drinkable. Read more.


2016 Drei Freunde

A blend of Bacchus, Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau, each with a week of skin-contact. Read more.


2016 Bat-Nat

With almost two days of skin-contact the 16 vintage is a bit darker and stronger but still thirst-quenching and complex. Read more.


2016 Black Betty

Made of Domina grapes with 1h of skin-contact this beauty sits between rosé and light red. Read more.


2016 Kleine Wanderlust

The classiest vintage so far. Full bodied but still super juicy. Read more.


2016 Silvaner Pet-Nat

The first vintage for this undisgorged Pet-Nat. A mineral, well aging Pétillant with some of the lees and tartaric acid in the bottle. Read more.


2016 Bacchus Pet-Nat

The first vintage for this undisgorged Pet-Nat. Including some of the lees and tartaric acid this Pétillant is butterflies in your mouth. Read more.


2016 Fledermaus White

The white sister of the red Fledermaus is a blend of 75% Müller-Thurgau and 25% Silvaner. More green than yellow fruits compared to the vintage before. Read more.


2016 Fledermaus Red

The red Fledermaus is a semi-carbonic Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier. It’s the second generation of this very popular vin de soif dedicated to the bats who produce the guano we use as fertilizer. Read more.



2015 Heimat Silvaner 

Third edition of our flagship and the best wine we’ve made so far. 10 days on the skins with some of the juice removed upfront. Light but enormously dense and intense.   Read more.


2015 Spätburgunder

Gorgeous Spätburgunder / Pinot Noir grapes fermented slowly in our chilly yard and aged in 60-year old oak. Glouglou on a high level.  Read more.


2015 Bat-Nat 

Finally we’ve made Pet-Nat work for us. And as it’s made from our bat-wine it has to be “Bat-Nat”. Slowly fermented Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier with a beautifully gentle perlage.  Read more.


2015 Drei Freunde 

A blend of the 3 most widely planted white wine varieties in Franken: Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner. Separately fermented on the skins for a week, blended with the full lees.  Read more.


2015 Kleine Wanderlust 

The worthy successor of our first red. A core of Regent aged in old oak with a splash of foot-stomped semi-carbonic Dornfelder. Dark colored, low alcohol – this wine is a surprise.  Read more.


2015 Fledermaus White

The white sister of the red Fledermaus is a blend of 80% Müller-Thurgau and 20% Silvaner. And it’s also dedicated to the bats who produce the guano we use as fertilizer. Read more.


2015 Fledermaus Red

A new kid on the block is our semi-carbonic Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier, a vin de soif we really like to drink ourselves. It’s dedicated to the bats who produce the guano we use as fertilizer. Read more.



2014 Heimat Silvaner 

The second vintage of what has become our fingerprint wine. Fermented on the skins for 10 days, lower alcohol but crispier acid than the vintage before. Read more.

2014 Heimat Silvaner


2013 Große Wanderlust
The second barrel of our first red. Only the best grapes fermented on the skins for 20 days and left in old wood for 18 months. Read more. 

2013 Große Wanderlust


2013 Kleine Wanderlust

One of two barrels of the 2013 Regent harvest, a young, light and fruity red. Read more.

2013 Kleine Wanderlust


2013 Heimat Silvaner
Our unique Silvaner was fermented on the skins for 8 days and has become a wonderfully complex orange wine. Read more.

2013 Heimat Silvaner






  4 Replies to “Wines”

  1. June 9, 2015 at 11:55


    We tasted your wine with one of our guest who bring us a bottle of Heimat Silvaner 2013 (424)
    and we really enjoyed it. We have a restaurant in Paris Saturne and an online winecellar, and we serve and sell no-sulfur wines and organic modern food.
    We would like to know if it’s possible to have your wines. We do import wines.
    Thank you very much and look forward to have some good news about you.
    Best regards,
    Ewen Le Moigne

  2. Patrik Fritz
    September 29, 2015 at 12:24

    Hallo Naturkinder!
    Gerne würde ich eine Preisliste erhalten oder direkt ein paar Flaschen direkt von euch beziehen. Insbesondere der 2013er “Große Wanderlust” Rotwein steht für mich im Mittelpunkt meines Interesses.
    Vielen Dank soweit!
    MfG Patrik Fritz.

  3. Linda Dragavon
    February 21, 2016 at 11:37

    Can we find the Fledermaus anywhere in the U.S.? I love wine, I love bats, and I support as many organizations as I can which support bat conservation.

    • February 22, 2016 at 12:13

      Hi Linda, I think we’ll get a batch over to the U.S. but it might take a few months. I’ll send you an email as soon as I have an update. Cheers!

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