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After six years working in publishing we decided to quit. Michael’s father runs an old wine business and we realized that this would be the one and only time to give it a go. We became convinced that we could & should continue and develop the company, the tradition, the business in line with our philosophy. And this is where it all began.

The voelkerwein winery in Kitzingen

We deeply believe in simplicity and authenticity and strive to live, work and produce in harmony with our environment. When it comes to wine there is a movement that is all about being real, authentic, simplistic and individual. It’s called the “natural wine” movement. If you’re not a wine geek you might wonder what a “natural wine” is. A beautifully short but precise definition comes from Alice Feiring whose fabulous book Naked Wine entered our household as a birthday present. The definition says:

A natural wine is made with the intent of nothing added or taken away.

The majority of wine drinkers might not be aware of all the additives used to give the wine the right taste, color and mouthfeel. Wine normally is fined to match conventions. It is a lot less when it comes to organic but natural wine goes way beyond. This can lead to unusual tastes and colors but it makes the wine real, authentic, simplistic and individual. Our mission is to produce and bringing this kind of wine from the vineyards of Franconia to the glasses of people appreciating pure wine.

We started small. With only two wines in three barrels. Testing, listening, questioning, trying, failing, starting over: learning. It’s about making wine but also managing a property, a few employees and a trade business faithful to our philosophy.

We’ll be always asking for your feedback & your help to get it right. We’re looking forward to being reminded on aspects we might have forgotten, arguing about priorities and improving as winegrowers as well as as human beings. We’ll appreciate any input as we don’t want to make wine for inspecting authorities or competitions but for you and us.

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