A feast

We love food. So we were particularly excited about last night’s invitation to the Foodcamp Franken in Nuremberg (there was no website but a well used hashtag on Instagram). It basically was a 3-day gathering of some of Germany’s finest food bloggers (and a few guests from abroad). It sounded like a terrific schedule they had visited a brewer, a baker, a butcher, … All very crafty and pure so the dinner was something to look forward to. We had some of our wine with us as a local specialty (and we’re still surprised something freaky like that was picked to represent our region).

The dinner was absolutely wonderful. There was a huge kitchen in the middle of Nuremberg rented for that purpose where all those guys were cooking and taking pictures of them cooking and the food – awesome 🙂 We were watching for a little while with starters being served right on the kitchen counter.


And there was a LOT more to come when we were sitting at the table chatting with all these really interesting people. Just a few impressions:

Salmon, Norden Berlin style

Lemon kraut


3 kinds of awesome sausages

We got our Silvaner paired with a spoon of pumpkin gnocchi, goat cheese, peanuts, chili and quince (prepared by Küchenjunge and Bushcook) – an excellent match.

Kuechenjunge preparing his pumpkin gnochi

The majority of the attendees was probably not overly familiar with the idea of natural wine so I’m not sure if everybody could enjoy it. It came after a couple of glasses of conventional whites and if you know our wines you know that there is a bit of a difference … But we got some lovely feedback. And so it didn’t hurt too much that our red ended up being paired with cheese which was probably not the best match possible. But this wine is just everybody’s darling, we got a lot of smiles in the end.

A big thank you to all the cooks and people making this dinner happen! Especially to Torsten Goffin and Florian Bailey who invited us and to Florian Siepert who had visited us at the RAW and recommended us to the organizers.

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